The Gallery of Historic Ores displays a selection of ores, i.e. rock and mineral specimens of economic value, as well as mining memorabilia, deaccessioned from collections of historical importance (including also catalogues of metallurgical collections and of libraries). In contrast with the Gallery of Historic Crystals, which focuses on aesthetic minerals, the present gallery is devoted to the ore extraction and processing phases as illustrated in pre-1970 collections.

The Gallery of Historic Crystals displays mineral specimens of historical importance, from famous collections, private or institutional, as well as rare mineral collection catalogues. Focus is made on aesthetic crystallised specimens and the place of this natural perfection in the human psyche, such as the geometric mineral forms represented in art. Several sections are still in construction.

gallery of historic gems

The Gallery of Historic Gems displays a selection of gems (raw or cut) from historical collections, replica of famous gems, as well as archives from important gem collectors. Highlights include an antiquarian archive related to John Sinkankas and an amber collection prepared by the Staatliche Bernsteinwerke Königsberg. This gallery is still under construction.