The Gallery of Historic Cybernetic Devices displays a selection of instruments and other artificiala and documents relating to calculating, computing and robotics. Themes revolve around Cybernetics, i.e., control and communication systems in living things and machines alike, and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. The calculator section is made solely of a suite of devices and documents originating from the Allan G. Bromley (1947-2002) collection. An highlight from the computer section is a suite of video games from the famous White Mountain collection. We are grateful to Nicolai Mannig, CEO of PsiHist 'Bringing you Mixed Reality for Rea!', for sponsoring this gallery..

The Gallery of Historic Shells has been closed and will soon be replaced by the Gallery of Historic Living Things that will include a section on shells but also many more on other living organisms.

The Gallery of Historic Fossils displays a selection of mementos of the Earth's deep past, including fossils, rocks, manuscripts, photographs and other artifacts. After a description of the Fossil Record, we move to the place of Man in it, going from the Anthropocene to the Antediluvian. Sections follow on lost landscapes and extinct species. Most of the displayed specimens were deaccessioned from collections of historical importance.