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Description: Handwritten letter from F. W. Millett to E. W. Burgess
Keywords: Oban | Foraminifera | Pliocene | St. Erth beds | Lagena
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Date: 25 April 1889
Language: English
Remarks: 2 pages attached to offprint. From the Peal Library.
Acquisition date: 2011
Copyright: public domain
Source: The Tricottet Collection Manuscript & Correspondence Archive

A letter from F. W. Millett to E. W. Burgess, dated 25 April 1889, page 1
A letter from F. W. Millett to E. W. Burgess, dated 25 April 1889, page 2

Marazion Cornwall 25th April 1889

My dear Sir

Many thanks for your paper on the Oban foraminifera which is very interesting - Although the number of species is not great - yet three recorded are mostly important, from their rarity on the British coast - The arenaceous forms are particularly interesting -

No doubt if you had more of the material the list of species might have been doubled, as many of the commonest and most universally distributed do not appear in it -

My examination of the foraminifera of the pliocene beds of St Erth has led me to alter my views on the relationship of several varieties, for such is the wealth of forms in this deposit, that an unbroken chain of links may be formed between several species. Thus I have been led to the conclusion that the Lagena fab- of the Galway memoir is identical with the L. quaricostulata of Renes and the latter species has not hitherto recor---- as British -

I regret that I cannot help you in regards to L. curvilimata as my cabinet contains but one specimen, but if you will let me have a list of the species you would like, I should probably be able to send you some of them -

Believe me dear Sir
faithfully yours
(not Revd) F W Millett
Delhi Home

E W Burgess E----