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Description: Typed letter from E. L. Krinov to E. A. King.
Keywords: Ice | Ukraine | I. S. Astapovich | Analysis | Terrestrial
Letterhead: Academy of Sciences USSR Committee of Meteorites
Date: 10 July 1970
Language: Russian
Remarks: 1 page. Translation from Russian to English courtesy of Sergey Vasiliev.
Acquisition date: 2011
Copyright: E. L. Krinov
Source: The Tricottet Collection Manuscript & Correspondence Archive

LaPaz meteorite handwritten note

Academy of Sciences USSR,
Committee of Meteorites

July 10, 1970

Dr. Elbert King,
University of HOuston,
Department of Geology,
Houston,Texas 77004, USA

Dear Dr. King,

In addition to my telegram from 8 July I let you know the following:

There was a fall of a block of ice that weighed 13-15kg on May 8, 1970, in town of Yagotin, Kiev district, Ukraine. Professor of Kiev University, I.S. Astapovich, was on the place of fall on June 6 and brought 0.1 liter of liquid from the melted ice.

Analysis of the liquid is not done yet but because of the fact that there were no optical, acoustic, or mechanic phenomena, which must be while a cosmic body is going through the atmosphere, we can assume that the ice is a terrestrial product. The ice can fall from the plane like it was before in 1962 near Domodedovo (Moscow), Russia.

Best regards,

E.L. Krinov