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The main mission of the privately funded Tricottet Collection is the preservation of historic natural history items. By this term, we refer to objects relating to the field of natural history, which are associated with individuals, institutions or events in history.

The Tricottet Collection is divided in three sections (Hall of Minerals, Hall of Life and Hall of Meteorites), in which selections of rare and aesthetic natural history specimens, by category, are displayed. Every specimen once sojourned in one or several collections of historical importance, from museums or from influential individuals.

The Cabinet of Curiosities consists of an heteroclite accumulation of curios, separated into Artificialia, Naturalia, Scientifica and Forteana. In contrast with other sections of The TC, the Cabinet of Curiosities does not only consider antiques but also contemporary oddities. So we do not seek to recreate a cabinet of curiosities from another era, but we want to build a modern day curiosity cabinet, one that provides a sense of wonder in our Information Age.

The Tricottet Library, made of books, letters, manuscripts and images, focuses on the history of natural history collecting, in particular: collection catalogues and notices, sales catalogues, biographies, bibliographies and material on the history of collecting, various documents on specific historic objects, being minerals, fossils, shells, gems, etc. or on oddities in general (artificialia, forteana, naturalia and scientifica).

We are continuously looking to expanding and diversifying The Tricottet Collection through donations, purchases or trades. Please contact us for further details.

Articles by The Tricottet Collection published in magazines and peer-reviewed journals on the topic of history of natural history collecting.

We buy old natural history collections. Please contact us for further details.

Oct. 2015 / METEORITES
The Great Meteor of 18th August 1783 by Henry Robinson, The Tricottet Collection Image Archive, featured p. 314 of "The Great Christ Comet" by Nicholl (2015).

A geode in a can by Paige Smith, commissioned by The Tricottet Collection in December 2014 & part of Smith's Urban Geode project, now on the artist's Instagram page & in our Cabinet of Curiosities.

Dec. 2013 / METEORITES
According to a post on the Meteorite List, The Tricottet Collection website obtained the best Google PageRank increase between 2010 and 2013, based on a comparison of about 100 meteorite-related websites.

Dec. 2013 / MINERALS
Rare glass and wire crystal model from The Tricottet Collection featured on Palagems Gem News: "Virtual Museums Offer Educational, Eye Candy".

Apr. 2013 / METEORITES
The Great Meteor of 18th August 1783 by Henry Robinson, The Tricottet Collection Image Archive, featured in the NHMW meteorite gallery book by Brandst├Ątter et al. (2013).

Apr. 2013 / METEORITES
We are thrilled to announce that The Tricottet Collection is now in permanent display in the world's oldest and largest meteorite exhibit, at the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien! Well not our collection per se but our name. Follow the image trail to find us.

Aug. 2012 / METEORITES
Article The Monnig Meteorite Collection Numbers Revisited by A. Mignan & B. Reed published in Meteorite magazine, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 10-13.

Jul. 2012 / METEORITES
Henbury shrapnel from The Tricottet Collection featured on 3 pictures in the book Henbury Craters & Meteorites - Their Discovery, History and Study by Buhl & McColl (2012).

May. 2012 / METEORITES
The Tricottet Collection cited in a newspaper article entitled "The day the sky fell, Bishopville meteorite surrounded by fact and legend", Lee County Observer, Wednesday, May 23, 2012 issue.

Feb. 2012 / METEORITES
Dr. Arnaud Mignan receives a 2012 Harvey Award, category Research and Curation, for his work with The Tricottet Collection, meteorite research, and preservation.

Nov. 2011 / METEORITES
Article Claims of Indigenous Life Forms in Meteorites: A Short Review by A. Mignan published in Meteorite magazine, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 34-38.

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